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Coach Membership and Renewal Information

SRSTA, SCA and RHCA coaches are committed to further roller skating skills development for skaters of all ages. The dedication of these professionals keeps our sport viable and fun!

The 2014-2015 membership and renewal fees are $40.00 for each association (SRSTA, SCA and/or RHCA). The SRSTA Joint membership was eliminated and the new membership fees established during the RSA Board of Directors Semi-Annual Board Meeting held November, 2013. The Board also determined that effective January 1, 2014, a 3% fee will be charged for credit card payments.

SRSTA, SCA and/or RHCA coaches enjoy these benefits:

To obtain the RSA discount codes, please contact: Stacy Thomas, Director of Membership Services, at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 or

We appreciate and value the many contributions of our SRSTA, SCA and/or RHCA Coaches. To apply to become a member coach, or to renew your coach membership, please click here for further information or click on the link below for the Coach Application or Renewal Form.

Patricia Jacques, SRSTA Chair
Jim McMahon, RSAI Executive Director 

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