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Monopoly Token Madness Contest Includes Roller Skate

In case you hadn't heard, Monopoly currently has a contest which allows the general public to vote on new game tokens and one of those tokens is a roller skate! The public can vote as often as they would like. To help ensure that the roller skate makes the top 8, we've made this poster to put up in your rink.

Tell your customers to just download any QR reader to scan the code OR visit www.votemonopoly.com and then pick their top 8 selections, including the roller skate, then click submit. It's that easy!!!!

Download the poster here

Roller Skating STEM Educational Program Offered by RSA Members

If you are an educator interested in taking advantage of the Roller Skating STEM Program Field Trips, contact Jim McMahon, Executive Director, at jmcmahon@rollerskating.com or call 317.347.2626 Ext. 104 to find out if the program is available in your area. We promise you, this program is unlike any other educational program you've seen and we're confident that your students will find these lesson plans entertaining, engaging, and fun.