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Roller Skating Association International

RSA Celebrating 80 Years at the 2017 Roller Skating Convention

The Roller Skating Association is celebrating 80 years, so this year the Convention Committee chose to do so with an 80s theme! Attendees will be able to sit in on Junior Roller Derby Association events, take a trip to Astro Skate for a night of roller skating fun, learn about everything from promotions and maintenance to marketing and active shooter situations, and get decked out in your favorite 80s attire for the President's Dinner, which will be a giant 80s theme party! 

Roller Skating STEM Educational Program Offered by RSA Members

If you are an educator interested in taking advantage of the Roller Skating STEM Program Field Trips, contact Jim McMahon, Executive Director, at jmcmahon@rollerskating.com or call 317.347.2626 Ext. 104 to find out if the program is available in your area. We promise you, this program is unlike any other educational program you've seen and we're confident that your students will find these lesson plans entertaining, engaging, and fun.