"As the voice of the roller skating industry, we strive to promote the success of our members by providing education, professional resource tools, and fostering the advancement of roller skating."
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Roller Skating Association International

Your NEW RSA President/Vice President

A big congratulations goes to Jeff Couey on becoming the next RSA President, and Cort Wahlig, the next RSA Vice President. 

Register for Sk8Expo

Don't forget to register for Sk8Expo before the earlybird deadline of August 19, 2016. This year, members will be treated to new speakers, new experiences and a BRAND NEW hotel that is out-of-this-world! Click here to register today! 

Roller Skating STEM Educational Program Offered by RSA Members

If you are an educator interested in taking advantage of the Roller Skating STEM Program Field Trips, contact Jim McMahon, Executive Director, at jmcmahon@rollerskating.com or call 317.347.2626 Ext. 104 to find out if the program is available in your area. We promise you, this program is unlike any other educational program you've seen and we're confident that your students will find these lesson plans entertaining, engaging, and fun.