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10 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Scholarships from the Roller Skating Foundation

By Lynette Anacker

February 1, 2016

The Roller Skating Foundation was created in 1996 exclusively to raise money for educational, self-esteem and safety programs to promote fitness through roller skating.The best part about this 19 year non-profit organization is that it provides academic scholarships to graduating seniors who have been impacted by roller skating. This scholarship can be used for academic purposes and has played an important part in the lives of dozens of students. Here are 10 reasons you (or a student you know in the industry) should apply for these academic scholarships.

1. It's free money. Two scholarships in the amount of $4000 and $2000 are provided to the top two applicants that meet all of the criteria set by the Foundation.'s free cash!

2. You're preventing more debt.
Free money is great, saving thousands on debt and interest is even better. There's something refreshing about not staring down thousands of dollars in debt.

3. It looks great on a resume. As a student, and then as a graduating college senior, it looks great to say that you received academic scholarships. This tells employers that you're hard working and reliable. You want to get paid, right?

4. Your parents will thank you.
If you're a student who has parents funding your college, this money will save your parents untold amounts of cash in the short term and thousands in the long run.

5. You can share your joy of roller skating.
Each winner will have their essays shared with thousands of roller skating rink owners around the country who can relate to how roller skating has made a difference in your life. Did you know a majority of roller skating center business owners were once just like you?

6. You'll be famous. Okay, so maybe not People magazine famous, but we'll run a magazine article in an issue of Roller Skating Business Magazine highlighting winners. Plus, you can have it framed to commemorate your win.

7. It saves time. If you're spending hours upon hours trying to figure out how to pay for college, winning a scholarship from the Roller Skating Foundation will save you from having to search for more money. Win/Win!

8. You need a study break. Applying for scholarships is a nice break from the everyday hubbub of high school. Get on it!

9. It's practice for college. Taking the time to be thorough on applying for the scholarship will prepare you for the hours of writing and analyzing that college will provide. You might as well get a head start and maybe get paid for doing it!

10. You deserve it. You've spent countless hours studying for exams, taking ACT/SAT tests, and the sweat and tears you've poured into 13 years of education has to be worth something. Being awarded a scholarship that you deserve is a wonderful payoff at the end of the process.

So there you have it! While we could think of dozens of other reasons to apply for this scholarship, we think you get the idea.

Apply now!


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