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10 Social Media trends to Embrace for Your Business

By Corrie Pelc

September 19, 2023

All rink owners know they should be on social media. However, are they doing everything they can to ensure it’s effective? Take a look at some of the top social media trends that you need to be using in your business. 

Here’s a look at ten big social media trends that roller rink operators should consider adding to their marketing strategies. 

1. Short Form Video is King

Between Facebook and Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, short-form video is king, says Taylor McGlamery, owner and director of marketing of digital marketing firm TrustWorkz. 
“Instagram originally came out with Reels to compete with TikTok, and even YouTube came out with YouTube Shorts because they’re embracing that short-form video,” she explains. 
Depending on how much time a rink can devote to creating short-form videos, McGlamery says to pick the social media platform where the bulk of your audience is to create and post short-form videos. 

2. Shoot Vertical Videos

Vincent Salpietro, digital media specialist and creator for all locations of Astro Skating Centers locations in Florida, suggests shooting all social media videos vertically — not horizontally. 
“Even though I know people turn their phone sideways (to view videos), the vertical performs a lot better,” he explains. “That’s due to the analytics possibly pushing those better, but also at least 80% of the Facebook that people consume is on their phone now instead of their desktop, so it’s just delivered to them better that way, too.” 

3. Consider Going Live

Dawson Dominguez, manager at Interskate Roller Rink in Lewisville, Texas, who has more than 24,600 followers on his personal Instagram account @dawsonishh, says videoing live on a social media platform is a great way to showcase what your rink is like.
“People would ... be scrolling through, and then my (TikTok) Live would pop up, and it was just the rink at that current moment,” he explains. “And you could see us playing limbo; you could see random kids falling; you can see other couples having a good time. And people see that, and they’re like, oh, I want to do that. And the fact that it’s live, they can see it happening in that moment, it’s even more like this isn’t some fake situation they’ve created.”

4. Look Outside Staff for Videos

Additionally, Dominguez says rinks do not need to always look to staff to create their social media videos. “Your goal just has to be to find somebody that enjoys the rink — the good and the bad of it,” he explains. “It doesn’t have to be an employee — it just has to be somebody that loves to be in your facility.”
Dominguez advises setting up a new social media account for that person so that it’s not on their personal page and you can monitor it. “Make an account that seems original and just start content from there,” he adds. 

5. Use Facebook Groups

McGlamery advises roller rinks to join their community’s various Facebook Groups, as right now Facebook group content is heavily featured on people’s news feeds. “Join those Groups as your page, as your business, and dedicate some time or have someone on your team dedicate some time to go through daily,” she details. 
McGlamery says this allows you to participate in the group if someone asks for recommendations on where to have a child’s birthday party or a company outing. “You’re joining the conversation as the page, but also the other parents who are reading it, they’re like, oh, wow, I forgot about XYZ Roller Rink, maybe that would be a fun place for a birthday party,” she adds. 

6. Change It Up

Salpietro says they’re constantly changing the look of Astro Skating Centers’ social media platforms to change things up with different holidays and other events. “We just did St. Patrick’s Day, so we themed everything green,” he continues. “We hashtagged “green out,” we changed everything. We even updated some of our websites to match that.” 
“Even changing your index picture or your banner picture to something different, even just for a special event, that’s more content that’s going out there and something somebody’s seeing that’s relevant to the time,” Salpietro adds. 

7. Know Where Your Audience Is

Dominguez says it is important to be on social media platforms where your main demographic is. For example, he says that while Facebook will target adults, TikTok and especially YouTube are where the younger audience is.
“YouTube’s been around a lot longer — there’s a lot more restriction,” he explains. “There’s a lot more ability to control what kids see. And a lot of parents trust YouTube a thousand times before they trust TikTok. The parents that don’t allow their kids on TikTok resort to YouTube Shorts. That being said, I’m hitting two different demographics of kids, pushing us even more, finding a whole new following, and you’re just unlocking more customers.” 

8. Use Micro-Influencers

McGlamery suggests connecting with micro-influencers, such as a teenager or mom in your community, with a significant social media presence. 
“Like a local mom that they’ve linked up with, that can either document the entire birthday party process on their own story, and then the rink shares it,” she explains. “Or the same thing with a teen — maybe they work there. They’re videoing themselves (at the rink), and they’re saying we’ve got a snack bar, we’ve got an arcade, we’ve got all these fun things.” 
“And those voices from the younger staff, they get amplified on these platforms,” McGlamery continues. “And then, as you’re watching, you’re like, wow, they’re actually in the rink, not like a stock photo or stock video. I’m seeing the experience they’re having; this looks like so much fun; let’s bring our family, let’s bring our friends.” 

9. Instagram GIPHYs

McGlamery also said a big trend right now is placing GIPHY stickers on Instagram posts. She says the stickers can be created easily through something like Canva, turned into a GIF, and uploaded onto 
“So if they wanted to have their own custom stickers to add to their Stories or to those short-form videos, that is a really great way,” she continues. “You can use them forever, and your customers can use them, too, which is really fun.” 
TrustWorkz recently published a blog with step-by-step instructions on creating GIPHY stickers at 

10. Keep Your Camera Rolling

While shooting and posting videos may seem intimidating, Salpietro says it doesn’t have to be. He says that every day, new video editing software is available at online app stores that make it simple to quickly shoot a video, edit, and post it all through your smartphone. 
“It’s only a step-by-step process that you follow once you download one of those apps and capture some video, and before long, you have a handle on it,” he adds. “Just continue to play with it. And no video edit or cool effect can ever match or be better than capturing a child’s genuine smile or their excitement on camera, so just always keep your camera rolling.” 

Corrie Pelc

Corrie Pelc is a journalist, editor, and freelance writer with more than 23 year experience. Her byline can be found in a variety of consumer and trade publications, with past and current clients including IAPPA’s Funworld Magazine, Medical News Today,,, INVISION Magazine, and Sacramento News & Review. She can be reached at


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