Roller Skating Association International

Helps Us Get a Roller Skating Emoji

By Angela Tanner

July 20, 2017

It is only fair that the Roller Skate should have it's own emoji for use by the millions of people that roller skate across the world. Roller Skating isn't just America's original past time, it is the current past time of people all around the globe. Every year millions of people strap on their skates from China to Brazil with the goal of rolling on four wheels. Roller Skating is a way to show your individuality in the form of movement. Are you a jam skater? Shuffle skater? Speed Skater? Artistic? What are your moves? Roller Skating gives kids and adults the opportunity to socialize, get active, and have fun in a safe environment. Many do not not know that roller skating is one of the few activities that provides a complete aerobic workout for over 640 of the body's muscles - especially the heart. Please sign this petition to have Unicode accept a proposal for a roller skate emoji. We will be submitting a proposal but would like as many signatures as possible to add to our proposal by June 28, 2017. Click on the button below!! 


Posted By: Debbie lewis
On 07.20.17

I like it!
Posted By: Jacqueline
On 09.18.17

Yes, we do need a roller skating emoji! Let's make it happen!

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