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How SB Value is Revolutionizing Member Purchases with Game-Changing Discounts

By Lynette Rowland

September 22, 2023

When you make your purchases for your skating rink from US Foods, Sam’s Club, or any other food wholesaler, do you know that you’re getting the best deal? Chances are, you’re probably not. That’s why the Roller Skating Association has brought to you a significant partnership that can save you thousands. 

When Cort Wahlig took the helm as RSA President, one of his top priorities was to increase savings initiatives for members. Today, we are proud to say that he has created a dynamic partnership with a game-changing food-buying program that will slash thousands off concessions’ food shopping bills. Get ready to meet...SB Value!

Working hand in hand with SB Value’s President, Trip Wheeler, and VP of Sales, Clint Elkins, RSA President Cort Wahlig, Vice President Billy Thompson, and RSA Executive Director Jim McMahon have crafted a program that delivers colossal savings to members with every order placed for their concessions and in-house restaurants. SB Value firmly believes in the power of profitability.

Unleashing Your Profit Potential

“If you truly want to boost profitability, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is optimizing your food purchasing and inventory,” states SB Value. They firmly believe that being profitable should be effortless, even downright easy. In line with this ethos, everything they do is designed to minimize work and make your life simpler, not just easier.

A Passionate Advocate for You

At SB Value, they firmly stand as your unwavering advocates. Their commitment extends beyond culinary professionals; they strive to empower you with exceptional economic advantages through their vast leverage. The goal? To help you generate more revenue, increase profits, and expand your business effortlessly, without breaking a sweat or jumping through hoops.

Mind-Blowing Savings Await!

SB Value represents a massive collaborative force of 28,000 companies with a staggering $8 billion in collective spending power. These giants command up to 25% of US Foods’ revenue, granting them unparalleled bargaining power. With SB Value, you can purchase your usual products at significantly reduced prices. Just imagine the possibilities! President Wahlig, during a recent town hall meeting, excitedly shared that he personally saved a jaw-dropping $293 on his first SB Value order, translating to a remarkable annual savings of $15,000. The benefits are crystal clear.

Unlocking the Potential of Savings

“Can you think of any reason not to jump on board?” exclaimed President Wahlig. With zero obligations and a tiny minimum purchase order of $350 (significantly lower than any other food-buying program out there), joining the program is a no-brainer. Just order the same items you usually do, and voila! Your savings begin rolling in. The value of your membership is immeasurable, and SB Value hopes you’ll seize this golden opportunity to maximize it.

The Secrets Behind SB Value’s Success

Trip Wheeler, SB Value’s President, revealed their status as a powerhouse buying group, responsible for a staggering 25% of US Foods’ sales. They skillfully negotiate prices across the board, allowing them to deliver significant savings. Wheeler assures skating rinks, for instance, that they can expect savings ranging from a solid 16-17%, with some even enjoying an astonishing 25% reduction in costs. Worried about being disloyal to your current sales rep? Remember, by sticking with them, you’re essentially forgoing those remarkable savings—money that could be in your pocket. No savvy business owner would willingly forfeit potential annual savings of $15,000, as President Wahlig realized firsthand after his first order.

Embrace the Zero-Risk Advantage

Using SB Value’s program carries zero downsides. Plus, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, a quick call is all it takes to unlock even better prices. Concerned about offending your account rep? Rest assured that while your sales representative may not be thrilled with the change, your bottom line will thank you. And should you encounter any resistance during the transition, SB Value has your back. They’ll gladly contact the President of US Foods to ensure your business remains protected. After all, if your current representative truly had your best interests at heart, shouldn’t they have been offering these incredible discounts all along?

A Win-Win Proposition

Let’s recap the undeniable benefits: zero cost to join, average savings of 16%, freedom to order what you want, the flexibility to exit the program at any time without hidden fees or dues, and paying US Foods at their best prices. It’s a dream come true for savvy business owners like you.

How Does It Work?

Placing your order with US Foods remains unchanged—you’ll follow the same process you always have. Additionally, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account executive, ensuring you receive the utmost quality and pricing as one of US Foods’ most valued customers. The only significant change? The mind-boggling savings that come your way.

Prepare for a Profitable Future

Imagine watching your profits skyrocket! With SB Value, members save an average of 16% on their food purchases—some even surpassing that figure. That means more money in your pocket and more success in your kitchen. It’s a high five-worthy triumph!
Ready to Experience the Savings Revolution?

Over 170 RSA Members have already signed up with several reporting savings of up to 29%! Why hesitate when such incredible rewards await? Sign up for this ground-breaking program today by visiting to download the contract. Alternatively, contact Trip Wheeler directly at 704-904-9000 or email Clint Elkins is also available at 980-429-0398 or Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to transform your business and watch your profits soar!

Lynette Rowland

Lynette is the Director of Communications and Publisher/Editor of Rinksider Magazine, RSA Today Newsletter and Roller Skating Business Newsletter. She has been in the publishing, marketing and communications industry for 23 years and is continually on the hunt for a great story to feature to those in the roller skating industry. She can be reached at  


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