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Key elements of a great website for rink operators

By Ahsan Jameel

November 20, 2019

At Hopskotch Design, we are thrilled to offer a new program for the RSA to provide website design and SEO services at special rates just for RSA members (

And really, an effective website can be truly transformative for your business. So, what are the elements that lead to an effective website:

  1. User Experience: Everything you do at your physical location is geared towards providing the best user experience for your customers when they visit your rink. Why should your website be any different? 

  2. Visual Design: Skating is really fun and the rinks and on any typical weekend, the rinks are filled with excited children and adults, colorful lights and music. It is a festive atmosphere. Your website should reflect the fun spirit and atmosphere of your rink through its visual design and content.

  3. Engaging Content: Our goal is to turn visitors to your website into customers. That is done by providing engaging and relevant content to your visitors by understanding the reason for their visit. 

  4. Mobile First: It is no longer sufficient just to have a mobile friendly site. We build websites from a Mobile First mentality as the majority of web consumption is now done on mobile devices.

  5. Transactions: The ability to transact online (buy tickets or purchase memberships) can really turbo-charge your sales.

  6. Easy Changes: You have a dynamic ever-changing business. Your website should be able to keep pace with it. We train you to be able to make simple changes to your live website without the need for developers

  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Did you know that search engines are users of your website too?! Thinking about search engines as users allows us to build the website to be friendly to them thus enabling your website to be ranked high in search results.

It can sound daunting to refresh your website but we have made it very simple through upfront and transparent pricing and a seamless process:

  1. Discovery: In this stage we interact with you to really understand your goals and visions. We are not building generic, cookie-cutter websites but a website tailored for your needs. Do you want to sell more memberships online? Do you want to get more people in on Wednesday nights? Whatever your goals may be, we do our best to understand them and build the site strategy around them

  2. Sitemap: Once we understand your goals, we have a very good idea of what your site will look like. But we want to make sure that you are bought in to what we are envisioning. So, we send you the sitemap which lists all the pages that will be on your site.

  3. Wireframes: This is where you can begin to see your site coming alive. Wireframes do not include any visuals but you will be able to see the copy that you provide (headings, text etc) on every page as well as the user journey through the pages. Your input and feedback at this stage is welcomed

  4. Visual Design: Now you can start to see what your site will eventually look like. We use the images of your rink provided by you as well as other visual elements designed by us to really make the site come alive. Once we have your approval of the look of the website, we get down to building it

  5. Build: Our development team builds the website based upon the sitemap, wireframes and visual design that have now all been approved by you. The collaborative process that brought us this far allows us to move forward in this stage with high velocity and make it go live

  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We build the website to make it user friendly for search engines. Now we get down to the work of optimizing searches for specific keywords relevant to your business

It is critical to make your website a revenue driver for your business and we hope that this post provided you with insights on how to make an impactful website for your business.


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