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Meridio to Offer Health Insurance Benefits for All RSA Members & Families

By Lynette Rowland

October 5, 2023

Sign Up Your Family and Staff for Health Insurance Benefits Through Meridio

Did you know that a recent survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health revealed some compelling insights? A significant 78 percent of small employers acknowledged that offering health benefits positively impacted their recruitment efforts. Three-quarters of them attested to its role in retaining valuable employees, and an equally substantial proportion emphasized its influence on boosting employees’ attitudes and performance.

Open to ALL RSA Members including coaches, judges, rinks, RSM affiliate members, etc.

When Cort Wahlig was elected as RSA President, one of his core objectives was to provide health insurance options for our members to extend to their employees and families. This endeavor was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Billy, Cort, Jim, and the visionary RSA board of directors. David Umbria, from Paragon Insurance Services, lauded this initiative as a pivotal milestone in enhancing your membership experience. Offering these benefits to our members can significantly reduce workers’ compensation claims.

Here’s why the RSA Better Health Program is an exciting game-changer:

Chris McLoota, the Head of Sales for Meridio, unveiled the program’s highlights during an RSA Town Hall Meeting. This program offers a turnkey solution, granting your team access to affordable healthcare while providing invaluable education, guidance, and support tailored to your needs. With access to affordable ACA-compliant plans, quality products, personalized guidance, and direct payment options via credit card, it simplifies the process for employees. Plus, dedicated customer care ensures ongoing support for individual needs.

Here are some program highlights:

Enrolling is a breeze. Just provide contact information for you and your staff, and they’ll coordinate a meeting to discuss available options. Plans cater to W2 or full-time employees, 1099 contractors, and even part-time or seasonal staff. With four coverage plans to choose from, there’s something for everyone, and enrollment by the 15th of the month ensures coverage starting on the 1st of the following month.

For more details on how to provide this incredible benefit to your employees, visit or call 888-802-2098. Your journey towards better health and a thriving workforce begins here!


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