Roller Skating Association International

Michael Jacques Becomes Newest RSA Life Member

May 25, 2017

Michael Jacques involvement in roller skating started in 1953 at the Bal-A-Roue in Melford, MA. His professional career started at the age of 24 at Fantasia Skate Center. One of his and his wife Pat’s highlights at Fantasia was running a 36 hour skateathon for the MDA raising over $20,000. 

In 1977, they had an opportunity to move to Roseville to help open a new facility, the Roller King. After many fortunate circumstances, they were able to take over ownership of the business and property. Today, they are proud to own a family-owned skating center. Their son, David, and daughter Kristina currently manage the daily operations. 

Michael has been a member of the Roller Skating Association International for 43 years. He has served section 2 as an officer and chairman. He was elected director of section 2 and served under twelve presidents over a span of 18 years. Michael has served on almost every committee, past and present, and chaired membership, finance, insurance and public information. The highlight of his service was serving as treasurer under Ron Liette and Tina Robertson’s presidency. Thank you for your service to the RSAI and congratulations on your induction as an RSA Life Member. 


Posted By: Andrew Puglia
On 03.12.18

My Somerville High classmate. Enormously talented yet always humble. Proud to have been his friend. So glad his life gone well. He deserves the success he has had.

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