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Patricia Leazier Receives SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award

By Lynette Rowland

December 31, 2017

Patricia Leazier’s biography is an impressive one. She has obtained degrees in secondary education, biology and general studies, a masters of science education, a masters in forensic science - all with honors. She is a biology teacher and the current rink owner/operator at Turner’s Skate Palace and iSkate81. 

Patty’s coaching experience ranges from softball and cross country to basketball, roller derby and inline speed skating. She has coached 12 world team members, three world team alternates, two pro division placements, outdoor champions (60 events), outdoor placements (200 events), indoor champions (100), indoor placements (100), 14 international competitions and much more.

In addition to leading so many individuals to success, she continues to keep up with her professional growth through upgrading her coaching credentials, organizing the Keystone Speed League, certified meet director, level one clinic leader and seven other leadership and seminar roles. 

Personally, she holds upwards of 50 speed skating awards, has participated in and won awards in roller derby for more than 10 years. 

Patricia skated with Charm City Roller Girls during the 2014-2015 season where she and her teammates qualified and placed 4th at Salt Lake City Regional Championships and was a part of the 2016-2017 Team USA for USARS. She skated with Team Maryland in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association during the 2014-2015 BOTAS and placed third both years. In addition, she is a National Speed Skating Champion with multiple inline and quad speed skating titles at both indoor and outdoor national championships. She also is a national record holder for both quad and inline speed skating records indoors and outdoors. 

Patty’s skating experience began when she was just 18 months old. Today, her derby name is Poison Princess and she is also a full time high school science teacher. Her life goal is “to be the best person I can be under any circumstance and be a positive role model for all children, students and athletes,” she tells USARS. 

Her passion and her drive make Patty both an incredible skater and high school teacher, but also an inspirational coach and teacher to students seeking to get into roller sports. “As a teacher, I have the ability to encourage underprivileged students and athletes believe in themselves so they can achieve great things in life. I tell them they are in charge of their own destiny and to write their own story,” Leazier says. 

Patty continues to pass along her love of sports to kids all year long, including her daughter Piper, who currently competes in inline and quad speed skating and junior roller derby; her son Dylan who was an inline skater for many years and played college basketball for Penn State Altoona; and her other son Yannick who played college basketball for Garrett Community College. 

Patricia’s excellence in roller sports and bringing her passion to children about them is what made her the leading nomination for the SRSTA Teacher of the Year award for 2017. 

Congratulations, Patricia, for being such an inspiration to kids, skaters and coaches around the world. 

Now Accepting Nominations for Teacher of the Year Award
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