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Top 10 Risk Management Blunders for Rink Owners to Avoid

By Sara Mazzolla, Attorney at Law with Marshall Dennehey

January 17, 2024

1.       Your facility does not follow the RSA Risk Management Guidelines or have any risk management guidelines.  Please make sure you have risk management guidelines and implement them at your facility. 

2.       President signs as individual --- The president of a corporation should always indicate that he or she is signing in a representative capacity for the corporation, not as an individual.

3.       Minutes to corporate meetings are not kept.  Annual Board Meetings should be regularly held and documented by a corporate attorney.  The corporate formalities must be observed at all times.

4.       Comingled funds.  Do not commingle corporate funds with personal funds of a shareholder/owner.  Use of corporation as alter ego – personal assets.  Do not treat the corporate form as your interchangeable alter ego; this invites creditors to disregard your corporation.

5.       Tax returns are not in corporate name.  Corporate entities should file income tax returns separately.

6.       DBA is not properly filed.  Some states require that a trade name or alternate name that the company is doing business as is filed.  Check your corporate filings and make sure accurately reflected on your insurance policies and when responding to a complaint.  

7.       Use pf personal stationary.   Corporate representative should use the letterhead of the corporation for whom they are acting.

8.       Disregarding or dismissing minor complaint from patron.  Instead teach your staff to be invested:  Investigate and document your version of the incident (don’t be thrown by the person who doesn’t care to report or says they’re okay). 

9.       Clipping video for just the accident – remember what leads up or after may also be important.  Think of frequent flyers – someone who comes back the day or next week for a session looking fine and dandy may have some valuable information on those clips.  What do different angles show? Getting into the car perhaps opening the car door with the bad arm? 

10.   Destruction of records and equipment.  Maintain records – waivers, inspection logs, payroll, video, etc.   Regularly maintain and inspect equipment you rent.  Bag and tag the alleged defective skates. Don’t place them back into circulation.  Document, document, document.  

 Ask your carrier to appoint an IALDA attorney to handle your case. Questions? Contact Sara Mazzolla at 973-618-4130 or email


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