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The American Artistic Roller Skating (AARS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of domestic artistic roller skating. Our focus is on a clear tiered program for athletes, coaches, and officials to prepare them for tests and competitions. The mission of American Artistic Roller Skating (AARS) is to develop the sport of roller skating in the United States at all levels and abilities. There will be strict adherence to a commitment of safety, integrity, sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the sport. Providing education for our coaches and officials to better enhance the quality of instruction and evaluation is foundational to our purpose.

As a membership-based association, the opportunity will be there for members to suggest and vote on rule changes. The support of members will help AARS to grow the sport nationally and bring it to a new and stronger level. Member feedback is also essential in understanding concerns and potential opportunities that exist. A focus of AARS will be to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the membership while providing a strong foundation on which to build the future.

The testing program currently exists for all disciplines; dance, figures, and freestyle, and there is a well-developed program for officials to become certified. Our Society of Roller Skating Teachers Association (SRSTA) program for coaches gives them access to resources to enhance their programs. As our newly developed domestic program grows so will the opportunities for the members.

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