Roller Skating Association International


The RSA negotiated a contract in 2018 for special prices on CO2 and helium. Click here to download the contract and then reach out to with your contract. If you have questions, please call Biren Shah at 513-320-2189 or
  • Monthly tank rental, CD 450 or 550 bulk tank: $50/per month, per tank
  • Beverage-grade bulk CO2: $.275/per lb
  • Delivery charge: $9.95 per delivery
  • HAZMAT fee: No charge

The Airgas National Carbonation MicroBulk System is the safest, cleanest and most efficient carbonation system. Added benefits of MicroBulk include: 
Free standard installation for Airgas owned equipment. Installations requiring additional piping or labor will be quoted separately. 

Mixed Gas Dispense System 

For members that serve draught beer, have a wine by the glass program or serve nitrogen-infused coffee, the Airgas Beer Blast® Mixed Gas Dispense System is engineered to provide exact blend of CO2 and Nitrogen, protecting the quality of your product and ultimately increasing satisfaction and profitability. Contact Airgas for more information. 
Contact Airgas National Carbonation I I 800-772-8144