Roller Skating Association International
The SRSTA provides opportunities to recognize our members for their hard work and dedication.  Below are some of the awards we are proud to present to our members.

Teacher of the Year

Our 2019 SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award goes to:

Shane Locklear Receives SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award

Shane’s roots in skating started at a young age as a session and artistic skater out of the exact rink he owns and operates today. His drive coupled with his passion in roller skating has propelled him to the top of the industry in both the business side and the competitive side. Shane’s grassroots approach to teaching and building a strong competitive club starts with his progressive approach on the public session level providing complimentary lessons by session, a pop-up style class that is complimentary on family skating sessions. His ability to run capacity-sized group lessons is unprecedented. It is during these classes that he is able to grasp the attention of all his students by introducing them to the art of roller skating. Skaters and other coaches are then enamored with his talents and teaching ability thus creating an urgency in the mind of his students for them to grow into the next level of lessons that includes competitive skating. 
Shane has excelled in teaching and producing champion skaters on the regional and national level, as well as propelling all his students as champions in their minds and hearts. This attitude is well seen in his "family affair" type approach. As an operator, he is able to take advantage of his own resources providing complimentary rink time to grow his club and the sport of roller skating. He also produces a holiday show on wheels for the public to enjoy, as well as uses rink admission revenues throughout the year by producing special events co-branded with his club and rink. For example, admissions from his haunted house are donated directly to the club and skaters travel fees. Another one of his other feats and most respected in the industry is his yearly skating meet where he can attract skaters from across the country to compete for the win in their divisions. 
Shane's drive is evident as he searches the globe every year to bring in the best of the best in skating and brings them into his venue to teach from their perspective, as well as hosting skating clinics to help increase skill set and abilities for the skaters. In addition, Shane has been busy promoting classes and certification at the RSA Convention and RSA section meetings across the country. His successes speak for themselves. His passion is evident in all that he does for skating on the business and competitive side. Shane’s hard work earns a return on investment that is clearly shown on the faces of all his skaters in his rink, those he teaches directly and those who teach with and for him. It is for this incredible devotion of time and energy that Shane was awarded the SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award. 

Our 2019 SRSTA Speed Coach of the Year Award goes to:

Lisa Dunham Receives SRSTA Speed Coach of the Year Award

Lisa started skating almost before she could walk. She has always helped her parents teaching people how to skate during session and lessons at the rink. She started competing when she was about 5 years old and has never stopped. She has skated to many national titles and continues to skate competitively. Lisa Dunham is not only a fantastic coach but she does so much for the speed skating industry. Since first becoming a speed coach she has grown her program by leaps and bounds. In addition to running an amazing speed team, Lisa has hosted and organized many inline speed events. She was president of the Indiana Speed League for many years and instrumental in growing Speed Skating in Illinois and Indiana to a solid base. She is always available to help skaters and coaches alike volunteering her time training other speed coaches and referees. Her experience as a competitor and national champion gives her a great insight into what is needed to coach a winning speed skater and to be a winning speed skater. Lisa is always researching new ways to help develop her skaters and her program. Any skater, regardless of whether or not they are her skater, would be immediately helped out if they came to her for questions, resources, or insights. Speed skating is Lisa's passion and teaching people to skate gives her true joy. It is for these reasons that Lisa has been awarded the SRSTA Speed Coach of the Year Award.

To submit your SRSTA Teacher of the Year nomination, please send your written nomination to the:
Honors Committee
Roller Skating Association International
6905 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Or, email

Nominations are due March 1. 

Sissy Awards

The Sissy Award is presented yearly to our current SRSTA/SCA/RHCA coach members who produce National Champion skater(s). These members are recognized with a special pin, known as the "Sissy Award".

Congratulations to this year's Sissy Pin recipients.  The RSA Board of Directors and staff applaud you on your accomplishment of producing a National Skating Champion.


It is our privilege to present you with your 2019 Coach Award pin as it represents your outstanding professional coaching skills and dedication.  The RSA greatly appreciates your contribution to the sport of roller skating. Your efforts ensure the continued success of the present and future athletes.

SRSTA  Artistic

Margaret Bargmann Fitzgerald - Jessup, MD - 13

Scott Bartell - Morristown, NJ - 4

Tom Beebe - Mystic, CT - 11

Anthony Berger - Casselberry, FL - 11

Tracy Black - Toledo, OH - 1

Dan Briner - Minneapolis, MN - 2

Gerald Bruland - Everett, WA - 20

Marlene Bruland - Everett, WA - 21

Amber Burgess - Parma Heights, OH - 6

Beth Caldwell - North Olmsted, OH - 1

Mary Margaret Campbell - Waterford, MI - 12

Lynette Cassio - Moosup, CT - 11

Scott Cohen - Raynham, MA - 6

Barbara Collins - Fountain Valley, CA - 2

Beth Corley - Katy, TX - 5

Karyn Cormier - Lakeland, FL - 7

Anthony DaPonte - Warren, RI - 13

Monica Delvy - Derby, CT - 7

Dona Ely - Edmonds, WA - 10

Bernard Gilliam - Independence, MO - 1

Edward Harney - Antelope, CA - 2

Marlayna Harney - Antelope, CA - 9

Jody Harrah - Chico, CA - 3

Steven Hinkle - Voorhees, NJ - 9

Robert Hopkins - Woodbridge, VA - 4

Vickie Hudson - South Lyon, MI - 26

Patricia Jacques - Granite Bay, CA - 27

Kristina Jacques - Sadahire - Roseville, CA - 1

Rene Johnson - Buena Park, CA - 4

Karlene Justice - Mesquite, TX - 4

Robert Leonard - Yorba Linda, CA - 5

Deborahann Lewis - Newark, DE - 1

Richard Manns - Lakewood, CA - 15

Robert Martin - Chico, CA - 4

Tiffany McKinnon - Clackamas, OR - 5

Stephanie Moore - Richmond, VA - 3

Melody Neill - Roseville, CA - 7

Mary Nendza - North Ridgeville, OH - 19

Janet Pavilonis - Lakeworth, FL - 13

Heidi Permatteo - Northboro, MA - 9

SCA Speed 

Cory Allen - Champaign, IL - 3

Barbara Becker - Appleton Wi - 2

Jared Bryant - Lexington, KY - 1

Michael Champa - Lexington, KY - 1

Scott Christley - Leesburg, FL - 1

Kevin Coffey - Anderson, IN - 2

Ely Dunham - Danville, IL - 2

Lisa Dunham - Danville, IL - 7

Jenny Duque - Montgomery, IL - 1

Jeff Foster - Birdsboro, PA - 2

Tom Frisby - Kansas City, MO - 1

Mike Godin - Springfield, MA - 1

Michael Jordan Hinds - Claremore, OK - 1

Quinton Huff - Midland, MI - 1

Patricia Leazier - Hagerstown, MD - 3

Paul Leidy - Mentor on the Lake, OH - 2

Julie Parlett - Midland, MI - 2

Alexandria Rys - Danville, IL - 2

Ken Shelton - Roseville, CA - 18

Michael Sheppard - Hagerstown, MD - 1

Joshua Simas - Broomfield, CO - 1

Brian Smith - Grand Junction, CO - 1

Jamie Smith - Grand Junction, CO - 1

Jack Study - Kingwood, TX - 2

Daniel Trent - Springfield, MO - 2