Roller Skating Association International
The SRSTA provides opportunities to recognize our members for their hard work and dedication.  Below are some of the awards we are proud to present to our members.

Teacher of the Year

Our 2017 SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award goes to:

Patty Leazier from Turners Skate Palace in Hagerstown, MD

Have someone you would like to nominate for SRSTA Teacher of the Year?

To submit your SRSTA Teacher of the Year nomination, please send your written nomination to the:
Honors Committee
Roller Skating Association International
6905 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Or, email

Nominations are due March 1. 

Sissy Awards

The Sissy Award is presented yearly to our current SRSTA/SCA/RHCA members who produce USARS National Champion skater(s). These members are recognized with a special pin, known as the "Sissy Award".

Congratulations to this years Sissy Pin recipients.  The RSA Board of Directors and staff applaud you on your accomplishment of producing a National Figure Skating Champion during the United States National Roller Skating Championships held in Lincoln, NE.


It is our privilege to present you with your 2017 U.S. National Figure Skating Coach Award pin; as it represents your outstanding professional coaching skills and dedication.  The RSA greatly appreciates your contribution to the sport of roller skating. Your efforts ensure the continued success of the present and future athletes.

2017 Sissy Award Recipients

Appellusa Fleming-McGlyn
Linda Gyenese-DeFilippo
Joyce Allen
Rene Johnson
Richard Manns
Barbara Collins
Christy Baerg
Ron Galletta
Dawn Gonzales
Melody Neill
Monica Delvy
Vickie Bateman
Gail Easton
Kelly Curran Childs
Diane Savickas
Karyn Cormier
Kathryn Nave
Donna Turner
Catherine Carmack
Robert Wilson
Heidi Permatteo
Anthony Daponte
Margaret Bargmann Fitzgerald
Robert Hopkins
Mary Margaret Campbell
John Harris
Dan Briner
Mary Nylin
Diane Brown
Steven Hinkle
Diann Tanney
Scott Bartell
Fred Smith
Tiffany McKinnon
Susan McElhiney
Karlene Justice
Beth Corley
Cindy Schrader
Steven Forstner
Terri Johnson
Hazel Inman
Crystal Hild-Cook
Judith Smith
L. Shane Locklear
Jodee Viola
Amber Burgess
David Adamy II
Mark Muse
Patricia Leazier
Jeffrey Foster
Cory Allen
Lisa Dunham