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Welcome to the Coaches Corner!

The RSA values our coaches and are seeking ways to improve our services to our SRSTA Members.  As a start, we have created this page as a source to feed information to our coaches.  As a coach/instructor, we welcome your feedback on ways to improve our services to you.  We look forward to working with you to continue building a fun, safe program for skaters of all ages and abilities!  Check this page often for any new offerings or news pertaining to the SRSTA Program!

Oct-Dec Achievement Program Results

Karen Cormier Receives SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award

Karyn Foley-Cormier is a true example of what it means to be a dedicated roller skating coach. She consistently goes above and beyond to get her skaters to reach new levels, both in competition and industry tests. She pushes her skaters to new levels that they develop themselves, proving time and again that her efforts are worth every minute as she watches her skaters excel. 
Karen’s tutelage under John Viola provided her the foundation that a true coach needs to push skaters to excellence, as Viola once did for her. In addition to her own skill set, she is not afraid to get input from others in the sport to help her expand her teaching abilities and is always the first to offer assistance. Karen’s goal is and has always been to improve skaters and to advance the sport – she has no fear of working with other coaches to help her own students reach their goals. In fact, she is often asked to watch skaters who are under active coaches with a judge’s commission to avoid any bias in judging. This respect and skill set has taken her to nationals time and time again.  
Asking other’s input for the betterment of the skater is another one of Karyn’s strengths. Her goal is the improvement of the skaters and the advancement of our sport, and she has no fear of working with other coaches to reach this end, often offering assistance where needed. Other coaches who also judge will often ask her to watch their skaters while they are on a judges’ panels at the same time as their own skaters’ events. This level of respect is shown on both a local and national level.During the 39 years Karyn has been teaching, she has had national champions and placements every year.
She has taught skaters from beginning lessons up to World Class. Of her skaters not on the podium, more often than not, they were finalists in their events. Karyn has shown that despite obstacles, she is available for her skaters at all times, adjusting schedules when needed to work with new skaters, making sure they received everything they needed. She was able to take six of them to Nationals representing eight champions and placements with five of them in challenged A events having eliminations and finals covering freestyle, solo dance, team dance, figures, and loops. Along with coaching, Karyn is a National panel judge and judges on all test levels.
She is often asked by other regions to judge their local and regional competitions, including Gold Medal test centers. She has been a mentor to new judges on every level and encourages established skaters to get involved with judging, refereeing, stewarding, tabulating, or all of them combined.
Karyn teaches all levels of beginner classes at the rink and has created new in-between classes to transition from classes to the artistic competitive team up to World Class events. She has recently added the precision team and quartets to the already busy list of figures, dance, and freestyle lessons she gives. 
All said, Karyn was nominated and chosen as the 2017-2018 SRSTA Teacher of the Year. Congratulations, Karyn!


We are excited to announce that we have a new process for SRSTA membership renewals. This new process allows members to review their current information on file with the RSA and submit changes. It also allows for our SRSTA members to pay their memberships online.

** If you are a Coach and hold RSA Judge commissions, your invoice sent in January will have both your Coach and Judges membership information and will serve to renew both membership types.  You will not receive a second invoice in April for your judge renewal.



  1. Review the information on your invoice and make any corrections directly on the invoice or using the online instructions.
  2. Submit payment with your invoice to the RSA prior to the due date or pay online using the online instructions.
  3. Watch for your new credentials in the mail. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.



  1. Go to
  2. Click on “MEMBERS ONLY”
  3. Login to your account (If you do not know your login information, email
  4. Click on “Pay Your Bills” (Open invoices will be displayed)
  5. Click the checkbox “Selected Items to Pay” next to your membership invoice (amount will display above your payment information)
  6. Enter your credit card information and click “Accept Payment(s)”
  7. Submit corrections to your information under “Update your Contact Information” 

2019 Super Skater Contest Starts March 1

The Super Skater Program runs March 1 to April 30. Check out the Super Skater Contest page for posters and results after April 30. 

New SRSTA Facebook Group

Be sure to check out our new closed group Facebook page for RSA SRSTA members only, designed to help mentor and encourage SRSTA members.  We hope to build a strong community of SRSTA members to exchange ideas, provide encouragement, and offer guidance from the RSA. 

Note:  Due to Facebook restrictions I am unable to send messages to individuals who request acceptance into the SRSA Facebook group.  If you are NOT a current Learn to Skate Teacher, SRSTA, SCA or RHCA member with the RSA, you will not be accepted into this members only group.  At this time we are not accepting RSA Judges in this group.

On Facebook: RSA SRSTA Members – Achievement

New Achievement Program Forms

We have been working to revise the Achievement Program forms.  Check out the link below to access the new forms and if you aren't happy with them, you can access the old forms there as well.  I encourage you to give the new forms a try, as they were designed to cut back on the amount of repetitive information you have to fill out.

New Achievement Forms

SRSTA Renewal Period Beginning

We have started the renewal period and have sent out Coach Invoices this year, with membership dues due by March 1.  If you have any questions, please email or contact us at 317-347-2626 ext 108.

Judge Commissions Registration Renewals - Completed

The renewal period begins June 1.  If a renewal is not received by our active judges, your commissions will be deactivated.  We required ALL judges to submit a renewal form, even if the registration fee is waived due to being an SRSTA Member, RSA Rink owner/operator, Life Member OR all 4's Judge to ensure our records are up to date.  If you missed doing this, please contact us at

Coaching Tools

"Teaching a Non-Skater to Teach Beginning Skating" by Nancy Fleming
This document written by Nancy Fleming walks you through how to teach a beginners class.  Techniques to teach with step-by-step instructions over a 4 week class.

"The FUN-damentals of Roller Skating - Booklet" by Roberta Molaro
This booklet was written by Roberta Molaro and gives great guidelines to follow in your classes.  This booklet can be downloaded and saved to your computer using the above link, or can be purchased by members through the RSA National Office as a great handy guide to keep with you for reference.  

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the SRSTA or Achievement Programs.
Sharon McMahon
Achievement Program Director
317-347-2626 ext 108