Roller Skating Association International

Becoming a SRSTA Coach / Instructor

The Roller Skating Association thanks you for your interest in the SRSTA membership program. The SRSTA, established in 1940, is composed of roller skating coaches and instructors of all skating disciplines: artistic, speed and hockey. These members are dedicated to advance the profession of roller skating instruction within skating facilities, with the purpose of teaching beginning skating, encouraging growth in their skating discipline, and coaching advanced skaters in the competitive USARS nationals.

SRSTA members utilize the RSA Achievement Program as a training tool for athletes as it coincides with competition requirements. This program uses a non-competitive learning atmosphere to create frequent skaters, encourages skaters to advance their skills using the proper skating techniques and provides testing for all disciplines of skaters, both recreational and competitive.

Check out our membership types below.  Once you determine which discipline you would like to apply for, submit the application with yearly dues to the RSA National Office.

SRSTA Membership Types

There are various membership types available.

LTS - Learn to Skate Teachers
This membership is geared to help promote skating classes and get students in the door. 
Yearly membership fee of $40.

ACA - Artistic Coaches Association
This membership focuses on the artistic discipline of roller skating.  Coaches who focus on dance, figures and freestyle.
(please note this use to be listed as SRSTA membership)
Yearly membership fee of $40

SCA - Speed Coaches Association
This membership focuses on the speed discipline of roller skating.  Coaches who focus on quad or inline speed.
Yearly membership fee of $40.

RHCA - Roller Hockey Coaches Association
This membership focuses on the Roller Hockey discipline of roller skating.  Coaches who focus on roller hockey.
Yearly membership fee of $40.

SRSTA Membership Application -
ACA, SCA and RHCA members only

New applicants or those whose membership has lapsed, will need to fill out the Membership Application , ensure you get the rink operators signature and submit with membership fee.

We must receive your application for anyone who wishes to have their membership continued.  This includes Life Time Members.

SRSTA Membership Application

All Forms should be mailed to:



6905 Corporate Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46278