Roller Skating Association International

Rinksider Magazine Cover Photo Contest

Two winners will receive a $50 VISA gift card and have their photo submission featured on the cover of Rinksider Magazine within the next 12 months! 

To enter:
Submission Requirements: 
1.  Image must be 350 dpi / (4025 pixels tall x 3150 pixels wide).
2.  Dimensions must be vertical, not horizontal.
3.  Must include no more than three subjects wearing roller skates.
4.  Subjects must complete release form (available on RSA Website).
5.  Complete photo contest form (available on RSA Website).
6.  Submit forms and image in zipped file at:  
7.  Multiple entries will be accepted. Open to all RSA members, staff, 
      and family members. 

Judging criteria: Photos will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, artistic merit, overall impact, and whether requirements were met. Make sure to pay attention to lighting, white space, color, diversity, motion, and creativity. Photos may be included within RSA stock photography projects. 

Deadline November 30, 2019

Download materials here >>