Roller Skating Association International

Disney Music Group - Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney Music Group has kindly provided graphics exclusively for RSA members to use in their skating rinks to help promote the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas during the month of October.

Feel free to pick anything from the Halloween Playlist:
The priority track is “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. FEC Music/Control Play playlists were made available on October 1.

Disney Music Group - Disney Hits Party

Disney Music Group has created a turnkey promotion for exclusive use by RSA members. This program has social media templates, poster downloads (including two free posters that you can order on the RSA store - you just pay for shipping), a script for your DJ, and two- and three-hour session templates that will help you run the Disney Hit Party session. 

FEC Music/Control Play Sk8 provides the Disney Hit Party session within their platform. They currently are offering RSA members the following:
Visit to sign up.

To download the materials for the program, click on the links below to download the zip files, extract and use as you see fit!

Note: Non-member roller skating rinks are NOT authorized to utilize this program. Doing so could result in substantial legal consequences from Disney if a non-member rink is found to be using this program.