Roller Skating Association International

Editorial Calendar

Rinksider Magazine has a living editorial calendar that we update as needed, but below are the general outlines of what our issues will cover for 2022-2023. 

March/April 2022

  • Cranes, Novelties, Back to School and Convention Issue
  • RSA Convention Issue
  • Cranes & Novelties – Hot Cranes and What to Fill Them With
  • Kiosks and Touchless Systems
  • Back to School – How to Prepare your Business for Back-to-School
  • Roller Skating STEM Update
  • The Rise of American Roller Sports & American Championships
  • Customer Service Conflict Resolution
  • RSA Programs You Need to Utilize...TODAY!
  • Social Media: How to Manage a Social Media Crisis
  • Coaches Corner: How to Certify a Learn to Skate Coach
  • Human Resources: Promoting from Within
  • Rink Highlight: Tammy Johnson of Wheels and Thrills
  • Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: April 6
*Handed out to all attendees at RSA Convention

May/June 2022

  • Flooring, Rink Maintenance, Post-Convention Issue
  • Flooring Issue – Carpeting and Wood Floors
  • Roller Skating Convention Highlights
  • Full Photo Album from Convention
  • New Advances in Rink Maintenance with Outlines of Schedules
  • How to Build Strong Promotions for the Entire Year
  • Halloween on Skates: Fun Ideas to Prepare for a Spooky October
  • National Roller Skating Month Preparation 
  • What to Expect for Sk8Expo 2022
  • Roofing, Signage and Exterior Updates
  • Social Media: How to Stop Advertising and Start Marketing 
  • Coaches Corner: How to implement the Learn to Skate Program
  • HR: What motivates/demotivates employees?
  • Rink Highlight: Re-opening of The Rink in Chicago with Curtis Pouncy
  • Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: May 13

Jul-Sept 2022

  • Skates, Music and National Roller Skating Month Issue
  • Fundraising Ideas to Connect with Community
  • Roller Skate Highlights: What’s new on the market?
  • Sk8Expo Highlight
  • National Roller Skating Month Ideas
  • What’s Hot in Music…Plus, Why Music Licensing is Important
  • Online Sales: How to Make The Most Of Your Website And Social Media 
  • Christmas in July – Planning a Winter Wonderland in Your Rink
  • How to Create a Risk Management Plan from Legal Experts
  • Social Media: Creating a Content Calendar
  • Coaches Corner: What is the RSA Achievement Program?
  • HR: 10 Ways Young Managers Can Benefit Your Rink
  • Rink Highlight: Aloha Roller Rink with Liz Ruiz
  • Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: July 1
*Handed out to all attendees at Sk8Expo

Oct-Dec 2022

  • Lighting, Sound and Signage, and Summer Camp Issue
  • Lighting and Sound Issue: New Trends to Boost Customers’ Experience
  • Why Professional Signage Matters and What’s Trending
  • 20 Things to Know Before Diving into Rink Ownership from the Pros
  • Summer Camp Planning for 2023
  • How to Use Facebook and Instagram Reels for Your Business
  • Building an Award-Winning Company Culture
  • Mobile Skate Trucks: How to Use Mobile Business to Bring in Skaters
  • Social Media: Using Staff to Create Social Media Content 
  • Coaches Corner: Do You Need a Competitive Program in Your Rink?
  • HR: Employee Retention: Where to Find and How to Build a Reliable Staff 
  • Rink Highlight: Mack Douglas with Great Skate Detroit
  • Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: Oct 1

Jan-Mar 2023

  • Furniture, Concessions, Roller Skate Accessories Issue
  • Furniture Highlight: Design Matters: Creating a Fun, Modern Aesthetic
  • Pre-Convention Issue
  • Concessions: 20 Wildly Successful Concessions Ideas
  • Roller Skate Add-Ons Highlight
  • Action! How to Work with the Film Industry
  • Top 10 Ways to Get Free Media Coverage – How to Work With The Media
  • Social Causes: When to Engage and When to Step Away 
  • 20 Questions from Future Rink Owners Answered 
  • Social Media: 10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2023
  • Coaches Corner: Top 20 Success Tips from Coaches & Judges
  • HR: Interview Do’s and Don’ts – Following EEOC guidelines
  • Rink Highlight: Larry Masumy of Northland Roller Rink
Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: Jan 1

Apr-Jun 2023

  • Convention, Back to School, Arcade, and Insurance Issue
  • RSA Convention Issue
  • Back To School For 2023
  • How Experienced Rink Owners Can Lend Experience to New Rink Owners
  • Top 10 Trending, Money-Making Arcade Games to Consider for Your Rink
  • Do You Have the Right Insurance Coverages to Protect Your Business?
  • How Partnering with Local Colleges Can Increase Profits
  • Tapping Into Gen Z And Millennial Attributes to Improve Your Business
  • Games In the Rink: What’s New For Back To School
  • Social Media: Creative Ways to Make Money With Your Social Media
  • Coaches Corner: Preparing for The American Championships
  • Hr: Do Your Managers Know How to Manage People? 
  • Rink Highlight: Alberto Alpizar with Wheels Family Skating Center 
Advertising Space/Materials Deadline: Apr 1
*Handed out to all attendees at RSA Convention