Roller Skating Association International


For many rinks, holding fundraisers in their areas helps connect them with their community, raise funds for those causes that are important to them, bring awareness to various health and social issues, as well and draw attention to their facilities. We encourage RSA members to download the materials that they see below to use them in their rink. Once finished, we recommend that you produce a giant check (you can get printed at any local print shop) to then present to the organization, snap photos of the event and put together a press release to send to local media outlets to share what you and the community have pooled together to support.

If you have any recommendations of fundraisers you would like to see, please reach out to today! 

Autism Acceptance Fundraiser

For 2022, the RSA will be holding an Autism Acceptance fundraiser. Rinks can purchase socks from Expert Hosiery that are customized with an infinity image and "Autism Acceptance" phrase and a roller skate. Customers can purchase socks, write their name on the printable skate image to display in the rink. 

Expert Hosiery: 919-799-7707 or / 
Socks are $1.95/pair in men's, women's/teens and youth large. Preorders only with an order deadline by Friday, November 5, 2021 to be shipped March 2022. 

Autism Acceptance Donation Skate Images

Sock it to Cancer Fundraiser

This fundraiser includes posters to display, a powerpoint presentation on how you can host such a fundraiser utilizing Sock sales customized to cancer awareness, and printable skate images that allow customers to write their name on with every donation or purchase of socks!
Sock it to Cancer Posters
Sock it to Cancer Powerpoint Presentation
Sock it to Cancer Donation Skate Images