Roller Skating Association International

Roller Skating Foundation Grants

Through its various fundraising efforts and grants program, The Roller Skating Foundation seeks to support schools’ educational programs, promote physical fitness, provide scholarships to deserving high school and undergraduate students, and promote the sport of roller skating.

The Roller Skating Foundation is proud to offer grants, to deserving schools, nationwide, assisting them in funding their programs. For the 2019 school year, The Roller Skating Foundation will be providing a number of grants, totaling up to $10,000. These grants are available to schools, educators, and volunteers, seeking assistance in accomplishing educational objectives and fitness-related goals. Typical grant awards will be in the $250 to $500 range.

To apply for the 2019 Roller Skating Foundation Grant, download the form here. Note: You must download the file to your computer, complete, and return to DO NOT complete in your browser window as this will not work. 

2018 Winners

(Please note that the grant information is still being compiled for the rink owners to release checks, so we appreciate your patience.)
  1. Dearington Elementary School - Lynchburg, Virginia
  2. Van Cleve Elementary - Troy, Ohio
  3. Fruitport Middle School - Fruitport, Michigan
  4. AB Hill Elementary - Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Lutz School for Work Experience - Clinton Township, Michigan
  6. Emerald Academy - Knoxville, Tennessee
  7. Mackensen Elementary School - Bay City, Michigan
  8. GW Carver College and Career Center - Memphis, Tennessee
  9. Samuel Pennypacker Elementary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Pinecrest Academy of Nevada - Henderson, Nevada
  11. Overbrook High School - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. Mt. Zion City Ministries - Muncie, Indiana
  13. Chicago International Charter School Prairie - Chicago, Illinois
  14. HA Brown Academics Plus - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  15. Shawmont School - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  16. North College Hill Middle School - Cincinnati, Ohio
  17. Philadelphia Learning Academy South - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  18. Samuel Gompers - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The following criteria will be used when determining grant recipients:

  • NEED

(Consideration will be given to projects directed towards roller skating, as well as innovative projects aimed at improving physical fitness or education, and the number of students served.)

To apply for the 2019 Roller Skating Foundation Grant, download the form here.

Return to AND to the email address of the RSA member rink listed on the form (if applicable). While email is preferred, you may alternatively mail to RSF, 6905 Corporate Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278. Note: You must download the file to your computer, complete, and return to DO NOT complete in your browser window as this will not work.