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2024 Roller Skating Convention and Trade Show 

We're excited to announce the dates of the 2024 Roller Skating Convention and Trade Show on May 5 - 9, 2024 in Orlando, Florida at the DoubleTree Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Studios. Information will be made available as we finalize details. This year, the RSA Convention Committee has chosen the thrilling roller skating theme "Lights, Camera, Roll – The Best Show on Wheels" to perfectly complement our venue at the entrance to Universal Studios, Orlando. As we gear up for this spectacular event, envision the glamour of a movie premiere, where attendees will experience the dazzling allure of a red carpet affair throughout the week. Our ultimate aim is to inspire every member to recognize the significance of treating each customer in their facility like a true celebrity, ensuring they receive the VIP red carpet treatment!


SB Value Partnership with RSA to Save Members Thousands Annually

Are you currently purchasing food from multiple vendors? It's time to jump onto the savings train and get your business signed up to utilize the SB Value food buying program. Placing your order with US Foods remains unchanged—you’ll follow the same process you always have. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account executive, ensuring you receive the utmost quality and pricing as one of US Foods’ most valued customers. The only significant change? The mind-boggling savings that come your way. Members are saving anywhere between 16-25% with every order. Cort Wahlig did the math and he's set to save over $15,000 a year alone! Sign up for this ground-breaking program today by visiting www.rollerskating.com/sbvalue to download the contract. Alternatively, contact Trip Wheeler directly at 704-904-9000 or email Trip@wegrowvalue.com. Clint Elkins is also available at 980-429-0398 or clint@wegrowvalue.com. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to transform your business and watch your profits soar! Click here to learn more

New Health Insurance Benefit Available to all RSA Members 

The National Institutes of Health's recent survey revealed that 78% of small employers recognize the positive impact of offering health benefits on recruitment. Three-quarters also noted its role in retaining valuable employees and boosting morale and performance.

Cort Wahlig, RSA President, prioritized providing health insurance options for members and their families, a collaborative effort with the RSA board of directors and support from David Umbria of Paragon Insurance Services. This initiative significantly reduces workers' compensation claims.

The RSA Better Health Program is a game-changer for these reasons:

  • Well-being Protection: It safeguards staff health and productivity, ensuring active contributors.
  • Top Talent Attraction: Attracts highly qualified individuals, helping recruit the best.
  • Retention Power: Strengthens the ability to retain top-tier employees.

Chris McLoota, Head of Sales for Meridio, unveiled program highlights at an RSA Town Hall Meeting. It offers a turnkey solution, granting access to affordable healthcare with personalized guidance, support, and ACA-compliant plans. It simplifies enrollment and payment via credit card, with dedicated customer care.

Program Highlights:

  • Year-round service
  • $0 deductible plans
  • 25% lower premiums than the marketplace
  • Hassle-free administration setup
  • Monthly premiums via credit card
  • Dedicated support

Enrollment is easy, covering W2, 1099 contractors, part-time, or seasonal staff with four plan options. Enrollment by the 15th starts coverage on the 1st of the following month.

For more details, visit here or call 888-802-2098. Your journey towards better health and a thriving workforce begins here!