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John Formica Announced as Keynote Speaker at 2021 RSA Convention

John, The “Ex-Disney Guy” and former Disney leader is an internationally known speaker, coach and author of the top selling book, “Making The Customer Experience Magical Now. How To Succeed In Business and Beat Out Your Competition Today!” John has inspired audiences with over 3,500 presentations all across the globe.  He has appeared on major TV network and recently featured in the Virgin Atlantic In-flight Magazine. John has 30 years of experience in top leadership positions with industry giants like Hyatt, and Hilton, including over a decade with the Disney Company. During his 10 years with Disney, John managed their top luxury resorts to lead his teams to achieve the highest guest ratings among all WDW Resort Hotels. Today, John is “America’s Customer Experience Coach” and leading authority on small business growth and team culture. He has coached hundreds of small businesses and professionals to build customer loyalty attract more customers and create winning teams.

John will show you how to find and hire the best-suited candidates today for the job, but more importantly, how to eliminate the candidates you don’t want!  Just by following John’s unique tips and strategies, different than the usual non effective hiring methods, you will finally have the right people working for your organization that are more loyal and committed to your values and goals, empowered with the initiative to get the results you want now.  That is when the real “Magic” begins in your business.

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Color-Coded Badges at Convention Based on Your Comfort Level of Social Distancing

In an effort to make sure that our attendees are comfortable during the convention, color-coded badge wallets will be used at the event to signal an attendee's comfort level with physical interaction at the event. 

Attendees will be given color-coded badge wallets at registration, which will display your comfort level in terms of physical interaction. 
Green means the person is OK with interacting with their typical interaction levels
Yellow means the person is comfortable talking, but not touching. 
Red means the person would like to keep their distance from others.

Download Learn to Skate Materials for Your Skating Center

The RSA Achievement Committee is pleased to share with coaches, judges and rink owners the NEWLY UPDATED AND STREAMLINED Learn to Skate Program, complete with posters to display in your skating center, a skills set, evaluation sheet and editable certificate to use for each level.


This program consists of two parts: the Roller Roo Program for beginning skaters and Super Skater Program for beginning basics skills. This new turnkey program will replace the old format of the Super Skater Program and can now be used in your skating centers. There is no need to purchase pins or anything else - the kit includes everything you need! 


How It Works

1.  Member coaches, judges or roller skating rink owners will need to log into their RSA account to first access the materials. 

2.  Download the Learn to Skate Program Zip File. If you're having trouble extracting the files, you can learn how to do so here. If this still doesn't work, please email editor@rollerskating.com for access to the files in another way. 

3.  Display the posters throughout your skating rink and advertise the program on social media using the images included in the kit. 

4.  Develop a plan for hours, times, etc. to teach your skaters in both the Roller Roo and Super Skater programs. 

5.  Instructions for each level are included in the kit to have students complete each task successfully. 

6.  Use the evaluation form when testing students on their skills. 

7.  Once the student masters the skills, complete one of the certificates to award the students of their success. 

8.  Once they have progressed beyond the basics, you can move them through the steps of the SRSTA's Roller Skating Achievement Program that has various different levels in several different disciplines including American Dance, International Dance, Circle Figures, Loop Figures, Quad Freestyle, Inline Freestyle, Inline Speed Skating and Roller Hockey. 


As you can see, this program makes it incredibly easy to teach your customers how to skate and helps you build more confident skates, regular customers and encourages them continue on through the Achievement Program to master even more skills! 


What's Included

Roller Roo Program

1.  Poster

2.  Skills instructions for Roller Roo Level 1, 2 and 3

3.  Evaluation Form

4.  Certificate (change based on level)

Super Skater Program

1.  Poster

2.  Skills instructions for Super Skater Level 1, 2 and 3

3.  Evaluation Form

4.  Certificates for each individual level. We've included options with artistic skates and speed skates, depending on which program you would like to focus on building skaters for in your rink. 


Download Materials

Click here to download the zip file with all materials

Note: You must be logged into your RSA account to access these materials. 



If you have any questions about this program, we encourage you to contact Sharon McMahon at achievement@rollerskating.com or calling 317-347-2626 Ext. 108.