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Purchase Sanitization Items for Your Rink

In collaboration with SOS Systems and Ironwood Ventures, they have created a portal that will allow members to purchase sanitization items directly from their warehouse. To find hand sanitizer, general signage, PPE materials, etc., visit https://rollerskate.liftoff.shop. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Goldberg at 602-485-0900 or ngoldberg@sossystems.com.

RSA Members Encouraged to Attend Weekly Town Hall Series

We understand that now is a concerning time for everyone. As business owners, as employees, as citizens of this earth we are all pulling together in ways unlike any other. Now, more than ever, is it important to be a part of your roller skating community. To connect with our members and to provide you the help that you need, we are holding weekly Town Hall Series zoom meetings that all members of the RSA can attend. These webinars will have speakers and gives every member the opportunity to have a voice, ask the questions they need to help their business stay ahead of the curve. 

To attend these meetings, simply click on the links found in each event on our Webinars page under "Events" and register to attend. We hope to see your faces there!

Covid-19 Resources 

RSA Provides Access to Resources During Covid-19 - www.rollerskating.com/covid19

We understand that the current state of affairs as it applies to the Covid-19 outbreak continues to change daily, if not hourly. That's why we have created a resource for members on our Members Only area for you to access at any time at www.rollerskating.com/covid19. If you have not been able to attend Town Hall Meetings to address topics every week, it will be here that you can access those videos. You will also be able to learn information on how to apply NOW for loan, state resources as they become available, access to federal and legislative guidelines and information and much more. If you have information you would like to see added, we encourage you to let us know

Access the RSA Covid-19 Resources >>


Members Encouraged to Stay In Touch Through RSA Facebook Group

If you are an RSA member and have not yet signed up to the RSA Facebook Group, we encourage you to do so. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/16235807289/ to join. Note: You must be listed on the your member rink account.