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Sk8Expo 2021 at Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

We are thrilled for members to join us on September 6 - 8 at the beautiful and brand new Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV. The schedule of events will be coming soon, but you may now review information about our esteemed speakers, register for the event, purchase a trade show booth or sponsorship or reserve your room at the hotel! 


Mentorship Cruise for Future and New Roller Skating Rink Owners

We are so excited to announce that new RSA member rink owners and future operators will have an opportunity to embark on a new journey aboard the Wonder of the Seas with Royal Caribbean where they will receive complete mentorship training on opening and running their new roller skating center with those who consult and work with aspiring rink owners.

If you're a future operator, a new rink owner, a roller skating rink retiree or absentee rink owner - this event is FOR YOU!

Members who are looking to improve their businesses or learn how to start their rinks will be invited to book their room and sail away with the best and brightest rink owners in the industry who will mentor members on everything they need to know to build and grow their business.

The first event of its kind, this brand new mentorship event will include a complete itinerary to educate, inform and entertain members. 

The cruise will run January 7 - 15, 2023 and information on booking can be done TODAY. Click here to learn more >>


Turn Your Staff into Learn to Skate Coaches

The RSA Achievement Committee is pleased to share with coaches, judges and rink owners this a brand new, streamlined program, complete with posters to display in your skating center, a skills set, evaluation sheet and certificate to use for each level. These new turnkey programs will replace the old format of the Super Skater Program and can now be used in your skating centers. There is no need to purchase pins or anything else - the kit includes everything you need! Just click on SRSTA and then on Learn to Skate to find each of the programs for both adults and children. Then, visit the Become a Coach page where you can download the study guide, application and exam. Have your staff watch the videos and complete the exam using the study guide, then return to the RSA office to get certified!