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Hownd has begun a new program they have developed that will help your local municipalities help you and other local businesses obtain free access to the full gamut of Hownd functions through the use of grants provided by the city.


Here's how it works:

1.  You fill out the form to begin the conversation with Eric at Hownd.

2.  They will work with you to connect with your local tourism departments, chambers of commerce, etc.

3.  Those organizations will obtain grant monies provided through the CARES Act and other sources to Hownd, connect with local small businesses like yours to then cover the foot-traffic and income generating platform.

4.  Once you're signed up, the Hownd platform targets your customers and consumers in your area through the use of personalized coupons, buy now options and gift card promotions sent out through email, social media, pop-ups on your website, a wifi option to trigger bounceback promotions to advertise to those customers, as well as a new TV and ad network that can be set up in and around your locations, as well as through the Hownd app.

5.  Once your city municipality signs on board, your business will be covered to utilize the platform for however long the agreement and funds last.


You don't want to miss out on this unique opportunity. All but one city that Hownd has approached so far has signed on to this option, so it's a win-win for your businesses and your community. There is absolutely nothing you to lose and everything to gain by doing this!


To get started, just fill out the form here to connect with Eric and start working with your city:


Download the Civic Collaboration flyer

Download the Hownd, Municipality & Chamber Sponsor Approach Flyer

Download the Fast Start Hownd Playbook for your Organization


Watch the town hall series discussing this new program starting at the 38:30 minute mark >>


Hownd is already generating millions in profitable revenue from new and returning customers for thousands of skate rinks, family entertainment centers, and amusement parks just like yours. 

"Since joining Hownd, Jake's Unlimited has seen more than $552,000 in direct purchase revenue, and this doesn't account for the additional birthdays booked, and coupons redeemed!" - Jeremy Hoyum, Owner, Jake’s Unlimited

Hownd drives more customers in your door!! The best part? You only pay when it works. There’s no up-front cost to launch your promotions via Hownd, and you pay a low fixed rate only when we bring customers through your door ready to buy. 

"Hownd has grown our customer base, increased sales and web traffic, and given us a way to reward our loyal guests with awesome offers. A huge win!" -Billy Thomson, Kate’s Skates


What's my pay-per-visit fee?

Your Pay-Per-Visit fee is provided during signup. Remember, it doesn't cost anything to find your fee and create a promotion.

Do you charge a revenue share?

No! Hownd does not have a revenue share. Our Pay-Per-Visit pricing model has a low fixed rate so you can control your margins and guarantee profitability!

What if I have other questions?

Please call Hownd at (877) 394-2410 or visit