Roller Skating Association International


We are thrilled to announce that ICEE has opened the doors to the new ICEE/RSA Program to any RSA member. Now, both new AND current customers are entitled to receive RSA member pricing provided they sign and return the agreement back to RSA. Once they receive the agreement, they'll add you to the program.

Now that you have the details for the ICEE/RSA National Contract, click on the links below to download your application, credit application and form to specify payment type. Once finished, forward these completed documents to

Download all contract files here
Download profitability excel document 
Download the ICEE Video for your Concessions

Trolls 3 ICEE and Slush Puppie Promotion

To access information about the Trolls 3 movie promotion through ICEE and Slush Puppie products, click on the items below to download. 
Trolls 3 Marketing Materials
Trolls 3 ICEE sell sheet
Trolls 3 Slush Puppie sell sheet