Roller Skating Association International

Keynote Speaker - Sheryl Bindleglass

Bringing three decades of expertise, Sheryl Bindelglass stands as the foremost authority in enhancing businesses within the sports, hospitality, recreation, and family entertainment industry. Through her extensive experience, she provides pragmatic and easily implementable solutions that not only boost profits and sales but also ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of your core customers. Hundreds of entertainment venues have witnessed tangible improvements in sales, service, and overall culture by adopting Sheryl’s proven systems. Her established methods not only captivate client teams but also infuse a sense of enjoyment into the selling process, ultimately crafting a memorable guest experience. Through her Fast Track to Sales system, she has successfully trained and coached hundreds of employees, generating millions of dollars in sponsorships and group sales. In her Keynote Presentation, Sheryl will share her wealth of knowledge in operations reviews, profitability assessments, market analyses, recruitment, staff training, birthday and group sales, brand management, promotions, and more. Prepare to gain valuable insights on substantial ways to elevate and optimize your business.

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