Roller Skating Association International

Keynote Speaker: Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee is the author of People Buy From People, How to Connect Personally in an Impersonal World, released May of 2019. She is the CEO/Founder of TrainerTainment, a coaching and training company focused on growing others in the areas of sales, service, and leadership. 

Beth has spoken to audiences in nearly every state in the United States, all across Canada, in Dubai, Paris, and  Sweden. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and you can be sure the content of her message will provide you with real world solutions and the motivation to implement now. If you want to grow your life and your business, buckle up and spend some time with Beth! 

Join us as she introduces her personal and proven sales process that will help you gain financial and personal freedom. Standlee knows about the party industry quite well - she was generating corporate and group events and birthday parties that were generating 75-100 birthday parties a week and 40-70 company and group events a month. She took that knowledge and passion and developed a business that trained other people on how to host parties and is now considered the go-to for best practices in the party industry.

With several of her clients going on to win IAAPA’s “Top FEC of the World” award, her list of achievements continues to grow with a strong team of people behind her to help move the party industry forward. Beth will teach you how to personally connect in an impersonal world and why it is important to look up from your phone and into the eyes of the people you serve in her #Keynote presentation.

Her #EpicBirthdayParties seminar will teach you how to book MORE, connect MORE and have MORE fun with your team. 

In addition, you will get a full three hours with Beth while attending Roller Skating University where you will learn:Is your business running you or are you running your business? Your competitive advantage is your team. Are you surrounded by people who VALUE your mission?The ABCs of Performance Management(a must-attend session if you want to be a better leader!)