Roller Skating Association International

Learn to Skate Instruction Videos

Below you will find the videos to each step of the Basics of Roller Skating for Kids. Roller Roo levels 1-3 and Super Skater levels 1-3.

Once you are finished watching these videos, make sure that you open your study guide found on the Become a Coach page, take the exam and submit your test and application to or mail to Roller Skating Association, Attn: Sharon McMahon, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. If you have questions, she can be reached at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108.

Roller Roo - Level 1

Roller Roo - Level 2

Roller Roo - Level 3

Super Skater - Level 1

Super Skater - Level 2

Super Skater - Level 3