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Learn to Skate Program

The RSA Society of Roller Skating Teachers of America would like to renew focus on our Learn to Skate program. This program is geared to help promote skating classes and get students in the door.

Learn to Skate Teachers

Don’t have a teacher in your rink?  Wondering how to run and promote classes?  The RSA offers materials and programs to get you started. Teaching Beginners the Fun-damentals of Roller Skating Booklet and DVD are proven materials to help train a Learn to Skate Teacher for your rink.  An Intermediate to Advanced skater is all you need, the training material will guide them on how to build, teach and promote classes.

The FUN-damentals of Roller Skating - Booklet
Teaching a Non Skater How to Teach Skating
Learn to Skate Skill Set Booklet
Learn to Skate Teacher Test
Learn to Skate Teacher Application

•  Tiny Tots
•  Beginner - Super Skater classes
•  Intermediate/Advanced classes
•  Speed classes
•  Artistic classes
•  JamSkating classes

•  Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs
•  School / STEM program classes
•  Church Camps
•  Preschool / Summer Camp field trips

•  Create safe and independent skaters
•  Get return skaters to the rink
•  Gain interest in various types of skating
•  Cater to birthday parties (first time skaters – pre-class)
•  Build a program to promote to your local schools, churches and other organizations.

Super Skater Program

The Super Skater Program is geared to be used in conjunction with other class programs to help build confident and safe skaters. 

Building a Learn to Skate Program in Your Rink

Learn to Skate Article
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