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Learn to Skate

The Roller Skating Association provides a full range of options for coaches and rink operators to teach everything from basic roller skating skills to more advanced dance and sports. On the pages underneath this tab (just hover over "Learn to Skate" to see all of the options), you will find materials to teach:
Note: We are currently in development of each of these pages, so access to all current information can be found under the SRSTA > Achievement section of the RSA website.

Each discipline will provide coaches and rink owners with: posters, skills lists, achievement certificates, instructional videos, skills assessment sheets, sporting guidelines and rules and much more. In order to teach each of these disciplines, you will need to be a certified:
All fall under the umbrella of the SRSTA (Society of Roller Skating Teachers Association). Information on how to become a coach in each of these disciplines can be found under SRSTA > Become a Coach page. Once you are certified, you will be given login credentials and be able to access all of the materials on the pages throughout this website to teach your specified discipline.