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RSA Judges Manual

Designed for people wanting to become a commissioned RSA Judge or to upgrade their current commissions, the RSA Judges Manual contains study guides and sample tests for each commission level for American Dance, Figures, Freestyle and International Dance. The information is organized so that new candidates can study together, or a candidate can study independently.

RSA Commission Study Guides

American Dance Study Guides

International Dance Study Guides

Figures Study Guides

Circle & Loop

Freestyle Study Guides

Quad & In-Line

Speed Study Guides

Quad & In-Line

Final Commission Tests

Once the study guide has been completed, applicants will need to take the "Final Commission Test" to obtain their commission in that discipline/level.  RSA Final Judge Commission Tests must be requested through the RSA National Office by application. 

Applications for judge commissions may be downloaded from the website or requested through the RSA National Office.  The candidate will complete the application and submit it to the panel chariperson or advisor (along with a $10.00 administration fee per test requested).  The panel chairperson or advisor will verify the contents of the application and certify the candidate has completed the prescribed course of study for the commission by signing the application.


The panel officer will send the application to the RSA National Office with the $10 admin fee per test, and the proper examination will be issued. The applicant will have 30 days from the issue date of the test to return the completed exam to the RSA National Office.  All tests are CLOSED book exams and must by administered by the panel chairperson and/or advisor. 

Applicants must be current with their yearly RSA Judge Commissions Registration to update their commissions.  New applicants will need to pay their $4 registration fee prior to receiving their commissions card upon passing the final commission test.


As of January, 1996, a candidate may apply for more than one commission at a time.  The candidate cannot apply for more than one commission in the same discipline (ex. No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 American Team & Solo Dance test at one given time).

Judge Final Commissions Test Application

RSA Judges Commission Registration

RSA Judges pay a $4.00 commission registration fee annually.  RSA Judge commissions expire yearly on June 1.

All current SRSTA, SCA and RHCA members will have their commission registration fee included in their coach membership fee.  Given the coach's membership lapses, the coach's judges commissions will lapse.  When rejoining, the coach will have to register those commissions again.  If the membership lapse is more than three (3) years, the coach may be required to retake prior commission tests.

Once an RSA Judge is registered, a $10.00 service fee is charged to process each commission test whether the person requesting the commission test is a current member of the coaching association (SRSTA, SCA & RHCA) or an amateur.  The service fee covers paperwork, postage and administrative handling of the tests which are scored offsite.  The fee also covers administrative costs to process RSA Judge Commission cards and updating the website.

Once an RSA Judge, Coach or amateur has earned three (3) number 4 commissions in any discipline (American Dance, Figures, Freestyle, International Dance or Speed) a Lifetime Judge's Commission card is issued and the recipient will no longer be required to pay a commission registration fee.

The RSA appreciates and thanks all of our judges for their many contributions to our sport of roller skating.

Judge Commissions Registration