Roller Skating Association International

Marketing Partnerships

In an effort to expand roller skating throughout the country, the Roller Skating Association works to develop marketing partnerships with companies that will benefit the industry. Below you will find information on our newest partnerships and files that you may download to promote in your rinks. 

JAKKS Pacific and Kids Skate Free

JAKKS Pacific has partnered with Kids Skate Free in an effort to promote the program nationwide, in conjunction with their brand new Rock n' Rollerskate dolls! We encourage members to download the files below to share within their skating centers in promotion of the program. Make sure to read the press release to learn more about the partnership! 

Kids Skate Free and JAKKS Videos to use in rink (Created by Billy Thompson)
JAKKS & Kids Skate Free Poster File
JAKKS Rock n' Rollerskate Dolls Video
Press Release for JAKKS and Kids Skate Free Partnership
Join the Kids Skate Free Program