Roller Skating Association International

Marketing Partnerships

In an effort to expand roller skating throughout the country, the Roller Skating Association works to develop marketing partnerships with companies that will benefit the industry. Below you will find information on our newest partnerships and files that you may download to promote in your rinks. 

Disney Hits Party Promotions

Disney Music Group has created a turnkey promotion for exclusive use by RSA members. This program has social media templates, poster options, a script for your DJ, and two- and three-hour session templates that will help you run the Disney Hit Party session. 

FEC Music provides the Disney Hit Party session within their platform. They currently are offering RSA members the following:
Offers to non-FEC Music subscribers who are RSA members: For any current RSA members that are not FEC Music subscribers, FEC Music is offering a free trial from now until January 1st. This will get them access to the entire library, the Disney playlists, and all of their seasonal content for Halloween, Christmas, and NYE.
Offers to non-FEC Music subscribers who are NOT RSA members: For any non-RSA members that join FEC Music that are not current FEC Music subscribers, they will offer 1 (one) free month of service once they have received confirmation that the rink has joined the RSA. 

Visit to sign up.

To download the materials for the program, click on the links below to download the zip files, extract and use as you see fit! 

JAKKS Pacific and Kids Skate Free

JAKKS Pacific has partnered with Kids Skate Free in an effort to promote the program nationwide, in conjunction with their brand new Rock n' Rollerskate dolls! We encourage members to download the files below to share within their skating centers in promotion of the program. Make sure to read the press release to learn more about the partnership!