Roller Skating Association International

RSA Partners

The Roller Skating Association partners with numerous businesses in an effort to save members money and keep membership dues low. At just $390/year to belong to the RSA, you'll save significantly more money on programs that the association offers than the cost of dues alone. By utilizing the following corporate partners, the RSA receives sponsorship funds every year to help keep your association running smoothly and to keep your dues low. We encourage you to hover over the "Partners" tab above and then click on each individual business to see what they offer you as a member. Here's a quick rundown of approximate costs you will save every year with our partners. You may also download our membership benefits book to see a full run-down of savings. 

JBL Trinity: National discounted rates and provides the RSA with annual corporate sponsorship. 
Pepsi: $500 sign-on bonus and $1.90 per gallon rebate checks issues yearly. Provides the RSA with annual corporate sponsorship. 
AmeriTrust Connect: RSA endorsed workers' compensation insurance. Provides discounts and dividends to participating RSA members. 
Hownd: Make Kids Skate Free program free to all RSA members, refunds per child registered to the program to members and annual corporate sponsorship funds to RSA to keep dues low. 
BMI Music: 13% average discount off street rates annually.
ASCAP Music: Significant discounts on music licensing for RSA members only.
SESAC: Discount off music licensing. Street rate of over $781, membership rate was $246 in 2020 saving members nearly double the cost of membership to the RSA.
Schwans: Member only pricing discounts

To see the full list of benefits and discounts, click here or on each individual page under the "Partners" tab.