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JBL is the RSA's endorsed carrier of general liability insurance, property insurance and more. Now is the perfect time to begin obtaining quotes for 2015. Download the General Liability Form and Property Insurance Form to begin the process.  


The RSA's official soft drink partner, Pepsi, provides members with a $500 signing bonus and $1.90 rebate per gallon poured every year, as well as annual promotions specifically for RSA's Pepsi Pouring members. You can download contract, charts and link to troubleshooting websites below.

ContractProfitability Menu Board Samples
If you have been closed for a considerable amount of time and you need to have your lines cleared or you have other troubleshooting questions, you may find the information below for do-it-yourself instructions. 
How to clean out your lines
  • Remove product bag from empty syrup box and cut off the green connector, then clean the connector
  • Disconnect product from the line you are sanitizing and screw on the connector you just cleaned
  • Submerge the connector and line in a bucket of clean warm water (refill the bucket as needed)
  • At the fountain run the flavor until the line runs clear
  • Create a sanitizing solution in the bucket (mix half tablespoon of chlorine solution per 2 gallons of water)
  • Place syrup line connector in the sanitizing solution and again run the flavor at the fountain refilling sanitizer as needed (approximate pour time is 30 seconds per 20 feet of syrup line length)
  • Allow the sanitizer solution to sit in the lines for 10 minutes
  • Rinse sanitizer out of the bucket and refill with warm water
  • Place syrup line connector in the water and again run the flavor at the fountain refilling as needed (approximate pour time is 30 seconds per 20 feet of syrup line length)
  • Use a chlorine test strip and ensure you have cleared the sanitizer from the lines
  • Remove the cut-out bag connector from the syrup line and replace your syrup box
  • At the dispenser, dispense until the product runs through, plus two additional pitchers of product
Watch video on the above instructions >>


We are thrilled to announce that ICEE has opened the doors to the new ICEE/RSA Program to any RSA member who already has the ICEE Frozen Beverage program. Now, both new AND current customers are entitled to receive RSA member pricing provided they sign and return the agreement back to RSA. Once they receive the agreement, they'll add you to the program.

ICEE FCB Syrup - $179.15 per case (5 gallon)
Pepsi FCB Syrup - $124.62 per case (3 gallon)
24 Ounce Cup - $90.55 per case of 1000
16 Ounce Cup - $76.76 per case of 1000
32 Ounce Cup - $52.56 per case of 480
16/24 Ounce Lid - $45.33 per case of 1000
32 Ounce Lid - $47.67 per case of 960
Spoon straws - $83.69 per case of 3600

* All pricing subject to annual price increase
* Prices are applicable to full case sales only.

Now that you have the details for the ICEE/RSA National Contract, click on the links below to download your application, credit application and form to specify payment type. Once finished, forward these completed documents to to get started! Or call 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 or email 

Download all files here
Download profitability excel document 

AmeriTrust Workers' Compensation Insurance

AmeriTrust Insurance Group is honored to serve as the endorsed Workers’ Compensation insurance company for RSA. AmeriTrust Group has been partnering with associations for over 30 years, operates in all 50 states, and has an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of “A-” (Excellent), with a Stable Outlook. It is our mission to serve as a global, innovative architect of risk management solutions for our clients.


Are you looking for affordable workers’ compensation insurance for your small business? You will find that AmeriTrust Group strives to offer you the workers compensation coverage you need and the service you deserve at a price you can afford. We offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible pay plan options
  • Superior claims handling
  • Access to, an online risk management platform and much more.
By CLICKING HERE you will be directed to the online quotation request form. Upon completion of the quotation request form, a member of our underwriting department will be in contact with you. Should you have workers’ compensation coverage questions, please feel free to contact us as (800) 825.9489

Click here to download the FAQ Flyer
Click here to download Proposal Form and information from 2020 dividends

Cyber Security Coverage protects your business and your customers.

More small businesses are being targeted, attacks are more sophisticated, and criminals are getting away with bigger paydays. Cyberattack losses to small

businesses almost doubled between 2017 and 2018, from $1.4 billion to $2.7 billion according to the FBI IC3 Report data.


To fully protect your business and your customers, it is important to have comprehensive coverage, with access to CyberLock Defense Specialists that can help you navigate the complex process of responding to a data breach.


CyberLock Defense coverage offers:



First and third party coverage options to address cyber extortion, breach of data privacy, contractual liability, copyright infringement and rogue employees



Business Interruption Expense and Extended Business Interruption coverage are included in your policy automatically, and at no extra cost



The policy limit you select is the policy limit you get. If you select a $5M policy, you have full access to your $5M policy limit, even for incidents of cyber theft, social engineering loss, ransomware and more



40+ industries, and policy limits from $500,000 to $10M


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