Roller Skating Association International


Download links to monthly promotional calendars and sample files as they become available here. 
Download the full month of March 2021
Download the full month of April 2021
Download Holiday Promotions Samples for 2021


Click on the link below to download the games book prize cards. There will be a large empty space when opening in Adobe Reader. Click on the space and a window will open for you to find and input your logo (or whatever image file you choose). There are four text fields below the logo space for you to fill with details about the prize card and usage. 


The below links are downloads for editable zip files that include the Promotional Flyers and Instruction Sheets. 
Please note: Windows 7, Vista or XP do not require any additional software, such as winzip, to open a zip file. Windows opens a zip file just like a folder--unless your computer's file associations are incorrect. Click here to learn how to fix this. How to Edit: Each PDF file is created with plenty of white space for you to adjust with your own information. You can utilize a variety of software including Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Publisher, Microsoft Word, etc. Here's a quick primer on how to edit a PDF in a few different software applications.