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Protect Youth Sports

RSA Members now have the opportunity to utilize background screening services provided by Protect Youth Sports at a discounted rate. Verity Bundle 2: $299 / Verity Bundle 3: $399 with customization options and more. To see options from both bundles, click here. 

Basic Package ($7.95) includes: 

PLUS Package ($15.95) includes:

Recommended Options:
1.     Add a driving history search for anyone responsible for vehicle use.
2.     Add a credit history report for anyone entrusted with handling finances.
3.     Add employment and/or degree verifications for full time employees.

Additional Fees (+fees):  Mandatory fees for county court searches, statewide court searches, MVR searches, employment verifications and education verifications will be added to the pricing listed above.  Download mandatory fees at When ordering AKA’s i.e. Maiden Names, for all county and statewide criminal records, the individual service pricing will apply (+ plus mandatory fees).

Individual (A la Carte) Service Offerings:

To sign up for this RSA member benefit, please visit
You can read more on what each bundle offers here.