Roller Skating Association International

#RollerSkatingUniversity leadership tract with Beth Standlee

Come join Beth Standlee in this three-hour educational leadership tract where you will learn:

Is your business running you or are you running the business?
 All businesses experience “revolution” before evolution.  What stage are you in? We will explore six key areas of your business to help shine the light on what matters most. 

Your competitive advantage is your team. Are you surrounded by people who VALUE your mission?When you hire people who believe what you believe, life becomes a lot more fun. The guest experience improves. Your ability to get out of your head and into the heart of the people who face your guests can make you the employer of choice and the entertainment venue of choice! 

Performance Management. Ever wondered why some people perform at a high level and others disappoint? It may be that you have a lot more to do with it than you know. This short session will give you the: 
This is a MUST ATTEND session if you want to be a better leader.