Roller Skating Association International

Roller Skating Scholarships

The Roller Skating Foundation is excited to announce that they will be providing 7 scholarship for the 2020 year totaling $12,000. These scholarships will be awarded to the following individuals:

Requirements of each scholarship will be listed on each respective application.

Download Applications

Click on each application to download. Make sure that all applications are completed in full and include all items necessary for scholarship completion. 
RSA Member Rink Scholarship Application - Open to RSA member rink owners, their employees and families of both. 
RSM Affiliate Member Scholarship Application - Open to RSM affiliate member owners, their employees and families of both. 
Roller Skating Athlete Scholarship Application - Open to all roller skating athletes ages 16+ in the categories of artistic, speed and hockey. 


Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2020

Questions? Email