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Achievement Program - Taking Skaters to New Heights

Does Your Rink hold Test Centers?

The RSA’s Achievement Test program is the only non-competitive test program for roller skaters and provides an outline for molding students into skillful skaters.  By following the test procedure, skaters advance to new levels without the stress of competition.  There is no better way to start a skater than with the Achievement Test Program.  This is because the tests follow a natural progression and are designed in a logical pattern.  Coaches don’t have to worry about forgetting to teach skaters various maneuvers if the steps are followed.

Pat Jacques of Roller King in Roseville, Calif., the 1997 SRSTA Coach of the Year, states:

“One good way to promote skating classes is to let session people come in early and catch the end of a private class.  They’ll applaud, which makes your students feel good, and they’ll ask questions about how they can learn to do what the students are doing.  Another way to attract this kind of attention is to allow your class skaters to practice in the middle of the rink during public skating sessions.  Another way to promote your classes is to post pictures and articles of award-winning skaters throughout the rink.”

Create a system to make your classes progress in a manner that correlates with the progression of the Achievement Tests.  Roller King offers a variety of class types including Tiny Tot, Beginner, Bronze, Silver and Gold classes.  Jacques says that the decision to start testing a skater in freestyle must be made on an individual basis.  A skater’s readiness for Freestyle depends on the skater, not the skater’s age or ability.  “When it’s time to take the tests, skaters don’t have to worry about losing or being judged unfairly.  They’re competing against themselves, and judges know exactly what they’re looking for.  Achievement Tests are the fairest way to evaluate a skater,” says Jacques. “It’s a pass-or-fail system.  There’s no room for biased judging.”

For roller skating coaches, accepting the challenge of creating skaters is the key to longevity.  However, coaches can’t toss beginning skaters into competition and expect them to survive – they must first establish a foundation on which each skater can build.  The RSA Achievement Test Program is a successful tool used to transform beginning skaters into powerful competitors.  Many skaters choose to participate in the program because it allows them to be involved in the sport without the pressures of competition.  However, other test candidates use it to establish sound skating backgrounds before entering competition.  Achievement Tests build strong basic skating skills, physically as well as mentally, and enable skaters to begin successful and meaningful careers.  The RSA Achievement Tests (originally called the RSROS Proficiency Tests) were established more than 40 years ago to provide incentives for skaters to increase their skating skills.  If you’re looking for a new program to attract skaters, try growing your business through a ready-made program that benefits skaters, coaches and your bottom line. 

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