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Starting A Business

Congratulations on your interest in opening a roller skating center. Today's family-friendly environment means it is a great time to contemplate entering the roller skating industry.

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Below you will find a variety of benefits that our Future Operator Membership will assist you in, including:

  • RSA Industry Guide is a nearly 500-page book developed by the association to assist individuals in opening up a skating center. The book contains information on every aspect of opening a center. Topics covered include: Scope of the Industry, Anticipated Income, Cost of Operation, Standards of Operation, Construction Costs, Rehabilitating an Existing Building, Skating Floors, Security, Sound Systems & Lighting, Computer Software, Games & Redemption, Lockers, Snack Bar, Party Business Profits, Insurance, The Market, Site Selection, Obtaining Financing, Skating Center Design, Parking, Upgrading to a Family Entertainment Center, Rental Skates, Maintenance, Personnel Management, Marketing, Novelty Shop, Pro Shop, Competitive Skating, Legal Issues
  • Complimentary subscription to the top-rated trade magazine, Rinksider Magazine
  • Complimentary weekly e-newsletter, RSA Today
  • A list of rink consulting services that can provide you with critical guidance, support and research as you embark on your goal to open a roller skating center. Rink consultants are your key to finding out all the information you need to open a skating center.
  • A listing of our affiliate member businesses that provide supplies and services to support the roller skating industry. We recommend you contact these companies to get information on flooring, concession stand equipment, skate supplies and other supplies, equipment and services that you will need.
  • A list of frequently asked questions and answers that pertain to opening a roller skating center.
  • The latest industry stats as well as fun and entertainment facts.
  • Information on the Small Business Administration, which offers additional resources for opening a business
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook Group to learn from the best and brightest from around the globe (900+ active member rink owners and operators)
  • Weekly town hall meetings via zoom to sit in and learn about what is going on in the industry, with an open meeting at the end to ask questions you might have about opening a rink.
  • Discounts on attending the annual RSA Convention and Trade Show in the spring, as well as our Sk8Expo in the fall.
  • Invitations to section meetings to learn from rink owners and operators within 13 different areas of the country every spring and fall.
  • Access to Future Operator Boot Camp events at our events to get all of your questions answered about opening a roller skating rink.
  • And much more!

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