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Annual RSA Super Skater Contest

What is the Super Skater Contest?

The Super Skater contest is a ready-made program teaching basic roller skating skills, and is a simple, easy and effective way to encourage new skaters. To pass level one of the program and receive a Super Skater pin, the skater must successfully perform three of five basic skills. The skater is required to demonstrate four of six advanced-beginner skills to pass level two of the program. Upon successful completion of level two, skaters receive a Super Skater pin and a certificate recognizing their achievement. A nominal fee of $3 is charged per test; pins can be purchased in advance.

What Does the Program Teach?

The Super Skater program offers attainable goals, increases a skater's confidence and enthusiasm for roller skating, teaches safety and proper technique, which prevents injury to skaters, allows beginning skaters to build a strong foundation of basic skills, and tests are based on individual performance, so there is no pressure of competition.

How Do You Participate?

How Do You Market to Kids Attending a Party?

While kids are excited about skating, you can make sure they leave with Super Skater information:

What Can Coaches/Rinks Win?

Keep track of the Super Skater tests you give as a coach or a rink between March 1 and April 30 and win! The rink and coach with the most Super Skater tests given in the contest period will receive a plaque and a $50 Visa gift card.

What is the Deadline?

Contest starts March 1 and ends April 30. All paperwork must be completed and returned no later than May 10 to be considered. No exceptions to deadline.

Mail your forms to: Roller Skating Association, Attn: Super Skater Contest, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278, P: 317-347-2626, F: 317-347-2636.

Questions? Email or call 317-347-2626

Congratulations to our 2015 Super Skater Contest Winners!

The RSA is proud to honor our 2015 Super Skater Contest winners.  Each winner will receive a $50.00 Visa gift card and plaque for their accomplishments.  

Winning Coach

James Chekon, SRSTA Coach at Sunrise Rollerland (Citrus Heights, CA) - 249 Super Skater tests

Winning Rink

Sunrise Rollerland (Citrus Heights, CA) - 249 Super Skater tests.

Please join us in recognizing the following coaches and rinks participating in the 2015 contest:
The Super Skater program is designed to teach basic roller skating skills and encourage new skaters.  Levels I and II increase the skaters’ confidence while teaching safety, proper technique and preventing injury.  Skaters build a strong foundation in their basic skills based on individual performance.  The contest is held each year from March 1-April 30.  To be eligible to participate in the Super Skater Contest, test results must be received in the RSA office by May 10.

Super Skater Contest Results

Super Skater Contest Results 2015
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