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Super Skater is a program designed to recognize achievement at the beginner level.  Anyone of any age may take this basic skills exam.  No previous roller skating skills are required; there are no membership requirements.  At the roller skating instructor's discretion, either one or three judges may be used.  All judges must be at least 15 years of age.  RSA judge's commissions are not required, but individuals who are judging must have skating knowledge.  If three judges are used, a majority will determine if the skater has passed the requirements.  Upon completion of the Super Skater tests, fill out the Super Skater I and/or II form(s) and send with $3.00 per test to:


Attn: Achievement

6095 Corporate Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46278

Super Skater pins may be purchased by the Rink owner/operator or RSA SRSTA coach prior to the Super Skater Test Center and presented on the spot to skaters who pass.  Please contact the RSA Achievement Director, with any questions (317) 347-2626 or Forms are available from the national office or on the website at

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Using Super Skater in your Rink

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Super Skater Requirements

Super Skater Award Requirements Level I.  Cost: $3.00

The skater must perform and pass any three of the five requirements to receive a RED level I award pin.

1.  Stopping or Braking
The skater must stop within 10 feet without falling. In-line:  The skater must skate continuously at a comfortable speed make an emergency stop in a straight line by raising the toe of one skate and applying his or her brake.  Or the skater may use the traditional “T” stop. Quad:  Have the skater point the toe-stop of his or her free skate toward the floor and then let it drag the surface.  Or the skater may use the traditional "T" stop.

2.  Maneuvering
Set up 10 cones, 10 feet apart along a straight line 100 feet long.  The skater skates at a comfortable speed, weaving in and out of the cones without knocking them down.

3.  Forward Crosspulls
Skaters must perform one repetition in a circle.  Use a figure circle or set up cones.

4.  Balancing on One Foot
Skaters must skate a distance of 50 feet, balancing from one skate to the other for a slow count of three on each skate.

5.  Limbo
The skater will perform one pass under the limbo pole without falling or touching the bar. (The height of the bar or pole is to be positioned at the skater’s chest).

Super Skater Award Requirements Level II. Cost: $3.00

The skater must pass four of the six requirements to receive a BLUE Level II award pin and certificate.

1.  Forward Crossovers (the collegiate straigway)
Skater does one sequence down or across the rink (six or more crossovers).

2.  Backward Scissors
Skater does one sequence across the rink.

3.  Jump
Skater must perform a two foot jump with a ½ turn revolution.

4.  Spin
Skater does any spin of two or more revolutions.

5.  Race
Skater completes two laps around a speed track in 45 seconds or less.

6.  Hockey
Skater must display a technical skill using the hockey stick.

Super Skater Test Forms

Super Skater Level I
Super Skater Level II
Super Skater Fillable Certificate Level 1
Super Skater Fillable Certificate - Level 2

Super Skater Contest

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